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    Tree of Savior CBT2

    Yea I guess I misphrased it. It is not the lack of content that is the problem. It's rather the lack of quality content. Here I quote from somebody who said it well in an official TOS forum thread. I guess you could say the game actually has a fair amount of content already. Lots of tube/island maps, lots of quests, lots of mobs, lots of bosses...But these content are...shallow. Everything is the same deal and dull. All tube maps are same and only the function they provide is linking you to next quest/npc island. All quests are similar and boring (kill x number of monster, gather x amount of quest drop). All mobs are same - stupid, slow, no AI. Just lure a bunch of them and give them an AoE. Anyone and their grandpa can do it. All boss fights are same...They are so easy and predictable you can sit down to recover hp and sp during boss fights. I guess IMC knows this so they added the traps and the weird bullet spam just to add some difficulty. Boss are supposed to be rare, difficult, memorable and original. That is totally not the case here. Do you honestly remember the monsters and bosses you have fought in TOS? I bet you don't because they are simple, generic and all the same. Whereas in mabinogi we know each monster beacuse they are different. Fighting a spider is definitely not the same thing as fighting a bear. Fighting a bear is not the same thing as fighting a golem..etc. I just don't think the devs put enough or hardly any effort into designing and implementing depth in the content in TOS. And tell you what. I did play mabinogi beta. It was back in early 2005 when I played the Chinese mabi beta in horrible 200ms+ lag. I recall back then there wasn't such a thing called closed beta, let alone cbt1, cbt2, cbt3, etc. It was just beta and that was it. Back then mabi wasn't even f2p. It was p2p. I remember clearly what sort of content was in that G0(pre G1) version of mabi. Just like the person said in the quote. It was quality over quantity. I don't wanna do a detailed comparison between G0 mabi and TOS. But G0 mabi gave me a strong impression of a virtual world that is fun, full of possibility, and challenging. While TOS just gives me this impression of a virtual world in which you only have this boring linear progression task. There is nothing else you CAN or NEED to do. It's like I am in a loop.... for( int i = 1; i < MAX_LEVEL; i++){ AcceptQuest(); GoToLevelLockedIsland(i); KillAndGather(); TurnInQuest(); } LOL! how fun is that? This combined the fact that the content is shallow...I don't know about you but I really don't see this game being able to keep its players. And this
  2. 0x64

    Tree of Savior CBT2

    IGN: Cicero Level: 55 Class: C3Wizard Server: Laima What do you guys think about the game? Honestly I am very disappointed. Sure it has got absolutely beautiful visuals just like blade and soul, but I think they have the some problem: extremely linear progression and lack of content and depth. All you do is quest after quest. Quests drag you to one place and another, open world map are like narrow tubes which are essentially paths linking npcs and event points. You only go to the appropriate place fit for your level and quests. After you finish a zone you never go back to that place. Not to mention quests are very boring. Nothing stands out. You always walk past beautiful sceneries on a tube map, kill monsters which have no AI and charge straight at you while running slower than you. It's like a mundane task repeated over and over again..It gets boring... I could go on and on... Strangely I feel it is like playing the YS series or the legend of hero 6 single player RPG(at least the tube maps look similar)..which I played 8 years ago. lol I really tried to enjoy tree of savior but I can't stop thinking how mabi had wayyyy more content and fun. When playing mabi i feel it really is a world full of possibility. There are just SO MANY things I can do. I remember back in the days I used to be crazy for mabi and I would play it all night. There were always things for me to do and I never felt bored. However when playing TOS or BNS, I feel like I just got this single (linear progression) task to do. I don't even read the quest dialog cuz I know it is going to be killing x amount of monsters or something of that sort. I just want to get it over with. Then I wonder, what is the point? Sure I can spend 2 weeks, grind thru all these "tasks" and reach max level, but what is left to do then? I quit mabi in early 2013 in search of a more modern MMO better than mabi. But now I've completely given up. Not only have I not found a better one, I think the new MMOs are light years behind mabi in terms of content and actual fun. I think I will never see another mmo as good as mabi....never again
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