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Yo, figured I should finally try and get something out there.

This is a launcher I've been working on for a bit, It's slowly been getting more features and over the past couple days I finished it enough to release something.

It's got full client patching, as well as automatic downloading of a modpack file and options for launching Kanan and Morrighan built in.

I've got alot more written up on Github for it, plus how to setup some of the extra features, like selfupdate and the modpack downloading.

Go ahead and criticize the code, this is my first time really getting into GUIs and it's one of the first projects I did using C# after coming from Java.

I'd also love to know if anyone can think of more stuff to add or changes to make.

Here be the link: https://github.com/ripxfrostbite/RedirectLauncher


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