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Packetz :DDD

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Unfortunatly im not playing that much ToS anymore.
Still I logged in and logged all the skills I have.

1. File is me running in town

  • Blacksmith repairing all
  • Auctionhouse collecting 99000 moneyz
  • Adventure Jurnal girl, getting some iCoins or whatever thats called
  • Oracle Trainer, learning Change:Win attribute lvl 19 or 20 dun remember :<

2. File is me using all the cleric and oracle skill I have as well as autoattacking with secondary weapon and proccing the effect of my primary weapon the "Toy Hammer" assploding on every 10th attack. (5 Hits with sacrament as it makes 1 attack to 2 hits).

As I dont remember the order of the skills fully, I will just try to guess and write down every skill I used.

  1. attacking some stuff without buffs
  2. buffing sacrament and attacking some stuffs
  3. buffing monastry and attacking some stuffs (sacrament still active)
  4. buffing blessing and attacking some stuffs (sacrament and monastry still active)
  5. ---have to guess now--- Using 3 skills in some order: Change (changes the monster to a different +/- 5 level) 2charges, Clairvoyance (lets you see the item that a monster is going to drop), Reset (lets you change the item that a monster is going to drop) 2charges
  6. ---have to guess now--- Using Divine Might (Increases all skills by 1 level for x charges depending on skill lvl)
  7. ---have to guess now--- Step 1 to 4 again with Divine Might
  8. ---have to guess now--- Using Dievdirby's skills "Statue of Goddess Laima" (carves a prop and places an aura at the same place as the prop (- %cd aura) prop/statue can be pushed away by mobs while the aura stays at the same place, prop/statue has hp depending on level and aggroes mobs) and "Statue of Goddess Zemyna" failed caus tos cannot fix bugs
  9. I really have no clue anymore. Some point I am changing a attribute allowing my heal to damage enemies. Healing everywhere and alot. Using Revive somehwere and proccing it (character that drops under 1hp does not die and instead "revives" at 20ish% hp). Using cure (dmg on enemies and cures status debuffs and stuffs depending on level of the skill. Using Aspersion (direct buff and attack in a cone in front of the caster). Using Resurrect to attack an enemy. Using SafetyZone which is like SafetyWall but it actually does only give you a buff if you stand inside (which complicates things with the buff limits etc) makes you imune to 99,9% of all dmg (one boss can somehow bypass this with a section of his hit?) magic melee and ranged. Pushbacks can still occur. Using carve (skill that attacks 4 times and has a chance to produce wood when hitting a plant mob). Using Forecast (makes enemies attacks visible (you get aoe indicators on the ground). Green for allies, red for enemies. Even normal attacks can be seen that way. Using Mass Heal like all the time... nothing special -> big aoe circle in front of the caster that heals (also heals caster). Also there should be a successful "Statue of Goddess Zemyna" somewhere. I failed 2 times and 1 time I succeeded.

Not sure what else. Some weapon swapping but thats nothing special.

Also im using controller for 95% of the game.



repair auction wingsofsomething oracleattributelearning warping to next map.txt

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More Packets!!!

Well ok the beta is almost over so I am forced to take action.
I'll try to document all with screenshots.

I'll also include the "self invite" of someone joining my party randomly through party finder (Suddenly Party.txt). And then changing my party settings to not look for members... herpaderp.

Imma update this frequently now.

Also please note that the screenshots with pale next to them ALWAYS have the current packets in them. No matter what pale might say. Even if its called heal.txt the packets that are shown in the screenshots are actually from heal dmg.txt. I was jsut too lazy to save them before making the screenshot because... thats just not practically.




Suddenly Party.txt

heal dmg.jpg

heal dmg with bless.jpg

Heal dmg counts as hit and also triggers toy hammer stacks and assplosion. Blessing adds double attack to each of the healing fields. So every field damages twice. Not sure if thats a "secret" combo or bug.

heal dmg.txt


getting hit aton and block+dodge.txt




hitting stuff with toy hammer.txt

hitting stuff with 2nd weapon still triggers toy hammer assplosion.txt




attacking with sacrament, adding a 2nd hit that has holy element counts as hit for toyhammer.txt



with and without blessing.txt



The Blessing ToolTip already shows the Blessing dmg with the Blessing: Enhance already calculated in it.



Monstrance is a percentage and it gives the same on each level. The only thing that changes are the debuff or buff magic circles you create. Lvl 1 = 1, 2=2 etc.

Monstrance is a percentage and not fixed.txt


Buffing all and then hitting stuff.txt


forecast aoe indicator.jpg








Clairvoyance + Resetting.jpg

Clairvoyance + Resetting.txt



Divine Might.jpg

Divine Might.txt






Zemyna success.jpg

Laima success.jpg

Zemyna success.txt

Laima failing.txt

Laima success.txt

Zemyna failing.txt

I've also included the failing of the statues thats actually a bug for fun... maybe exec could fix that for imc :DDD just kidding.








Laima success increased by 1 enemy.jpg

Laima increase Radius.txt

Also added some Heal stuff since I forgot em before...

AAAAND also lvl 1 heal creates 1 healing field... lvl 2 = 2... 5=5..... 10=5.


Triggering revive.jpg

buffing revive triggering revive getting hit while in godmode state by revive aka no dmg.txt




Mass Heal.txt







Safety Zone.jpg



Safety Zone normal without attribute.jpg

Safety Zone Small.txt


Carve on plant type.jpg

Carve hit 4 times.jpg

Carve on plant type.txt

Carve on norml mob aka no wood.txt


This is all for now.

If you need more and or specific packets then please request em :<

Edited by Sairii
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