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  1. #Worth Wish Granted. You now know what you want to wish for! But you'll forget by the time it's your turn to wish again. I wish I could write in C# without needing help or quality assurance from others.
  2. Recommend a 1-cour (12 episodes TV anime) to the poster below. Here are the rules. You should watch the first 3 episodes, but less is fine if your time is limited. You can skip it if you really don't like it or it's not available on any services you can use (Thanks, Crunchyroll.) Don't recommend anime you wouldn't watch yourself. That's rude! Report back once you're done by editing your post. Tell them if you liked it! I'll start off. I recommend Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai https://anilist.co/anime/101291/Rascal-Does-Not-Dream-of-Bunny-Girl-Senpai/
  3. Wish granted, but you've got no clue what fuel it runs on. On the bright side, it supposedly goes 500 miles a gallon! I wish I had an Incineroar as my boyfriend.
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