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    Melia error: Can't load config files

    It worked!! Thank you very much
  2. I recently downloaded the melia emulator and tried to run it following the Getting Started page on GitHub (https://github.com/aura-project/melia/wiki/Getting-started) but it gave me an error: can't load config files.I think it had something to do with the way I followed the 'Setting up the database' step.I downloaded MySQL but didn't know what to do with it as it didn't said in the Getting started brief tutorial. I assume you have to know at least some basics of MySQL to understand what have to be done witch I don't, so i executed the <melia directory>/sql/main.sql and clicked 'open' on the HeidiSQL but it gave me the "Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (100161)" error witch I solved by using a program called xampp and starting the MySQL before opening the main.sql file with HeidiSQL without making any changes(the username was 'root' and the password was blank by default).But the last part of 'Setting up the database' is were i think i got it wrong, I deleted the database-example.conf file from <melia directory>/user/conf (had this in it: // Melia // Configuration file //---------------------------------------------------------------------------- pass : non-space-password123 ) and created a new one named database.conf and write this on it: // Melia // Configuration file //---------------------------------------------------------------------------- host : user : root pass : database : melia include "/user/conf/database.conf" because it said to do so on the main GitHub page https://github.com/aura-project/melia in the 'Instalation' area: Copy system/conf/database.conf to user/conf/, adjust the necessary values and remove the rest. Compiled, executed start-all.bat and edited client.xml with <GameOption ServerListURL="" StaticConfigURL="" without any problems or errors, but when I executed the client by selecting the client directory on cmd and entering: Client_tos.exe -SERVICE it gave the error: Can't load config files. Can someone help me, please?Thanks in advance!