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    S> Coding Abilities

    I had sent you many many messages just look at your chat log. I asked, You have full repo access, I think you probably need to look at the Discord Chat in Rpg tool Kit discord, that's where most of my messages where left for weeks unanswered which is why i opened a case with paypal, You had weeks to respond to me in anyway like Oh here is a error log of the push issues or tell me exactly what was wrong Cause as far as you mentioned was that your Hard drive was fried. There was no mention of not being able to push changes and you never posted the exact error, so of course. I opened a case with paypal anyone would do the same. this was my exact message on November 19th 11/19/2018 you have into November 22nd to submit the work @exec, I have waited far longer then most people would regarding work submitting. normally work is submitted weekly or every 3 days if payment is made in advance. I would love to think your working on recovering your hard drive still but at this point it's been weeks after payment has been made and Nothing has been submitted. Not even a single issue was closed during this time. not even the easy issues, Other then your main job doing this on the side for extra cash, so balancing out this and recovering data must be difficult. On November 22nd this will mark Slightly 2 weeks after your hard drive failed, given enough time to recover / submit work, after November 22nd I will be moving forward on my side to ensure. Progress is being made with the Terraria rpg tool kit / plugins, as i mentioned i do have a dead line for the events and plugins. I would very much, like to see proof of work by November 22nd, 8 AM PST, I won't be on into late november 21st and early 22nd to check github both in the night and day for one final time. So, you can see you had enough time to respond. i gave you even additional time other then the 22nd, The case was opened on the 25th or the 26th, I would of never opened a case if you had posted enough details regarding the errors or why exactly you can't push. As far as permission wise you have as much control over the repository as i do, you could even delete them if you wanted. I would of also avoided posting this publicly if you had answered my private messages, I know discord is not convenient for actually telling the user if they received a message which is why i tend to check my pm area daily. I will change my review once we solve this issue, Overall from your skill set. I still think your talented coder and professional and had enough experience to help solve the issues plaguing the rpg tool kit.
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    S> Coding Abilities

    Having hired Exec twice paying a total of 700$ (350$ per week), The agreement was to continue work on some of my projects to improve the quality of the code and to submit work after it was completed, Being respectful, I will not release any information regarding the conversations or lack there of. However, I do not advise contracting exec without a legally binding contract. My side, I hired exec on oct 1st and this is what has been done for the projects work was suppose to be done. https://puu.sh/C67Xz/1ef5fdcfad.png my discord messages to exec during this time https://puu.sh/BWcDn/0478b1adc2.png https://puu.sh/BTodh/40ffa587f1.png https://puu.sh/BXb8w/6370ca8222.png https://puu.sh/C67VI/900cb22ab3.png I can tell you not a single issue on the github was closed during the weeks and no work logs where ever provided, I will not provide chat logs besides the ones, i have personally written to exec. I did report this to paypal however they just found the item was delivered. but that may be the case however this was my previous freelancers. I do agree with paypal. I do have the tools and plugins however this case was opened for the lack of submitted work from exec. but Paypal only cares about if you have the item or not and they found, i do have the claimed item and not who developed the tools / submitted work. Exec can disagree with this however, all i need is the github statics reports and this will prove my case that work was never submitted to the githubs What's going on now? I have contacted a few people within the Nocodenolife community whom are invested in contributing to this community or are interested in hiring exec. Well, following up with this project. I had already contacted the previous freelancer who worked on this project and preparing to hire them to finish the plugins and fix the remaining issues opened in github. Take this post as a public warning to all.
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    Terraria | RPG Tool Kit

    Greetings it's been quite sometime, I have not made a new topic lately. I have been working on Terraria related projects that are sort of complicated and very fun. For the past year, i have been working on turning Terraria into a server side rpg just for the fun of it and hired a few freelancers to assist with some of the more complicated aspects of the code. such as gui. I have personally done all the QA testing and bug reporting for this project and occasionally suggest ideas and solutions to the problems. however as of October 2018, I had passed the project information over to exec to see if he was interested in such a project and had hired him for continued development for 2 weeks. I won't say much about terraria, however i can tell you it's a nightmare to work with. Using the Open terraria api and tshock api to create plugins and ensure they work correctly ingame. as you see with the above screenshots the development before October has gone very well and the tools where nearly completed other then there was 31 known issues remaining that where well documented and provided logs of how to reproduce and some issues had suggestions for fixes. If anyone is interested in experiencing this server, let me know. I do have it set up. The rest of this will be posted on November 23rd Look forward to seeing the interesting stuff you can do with the tools.
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    Terraria | RPG Tool Kit

    more screenshots here is what QA generally looks like and if your curious on the code this is Boo Vs Lua for terraria monsters, This plugin switched fully over to boo due to some serious issues with the wrappers / crashes in lua. And lastly a picture of all remaining issues before exec was hired to help out with this project. Some Exciting screenshots will be tomorrow showing some of the power of the plugins and what exec personally has done for the project.