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  1. currypriest

    Melia quick setup

    It worked. Simpler than I expected. I was trying to understand if the padding invalidation was because of the account creation event, but it seems it blocks any connection. But it wasn't for naught, now I know how the password works irl. Thank you very much o/
  2. currypriest

    Melia quick setup

    It is just a noob way of calling the database strings. I assumed you have to do it on the php admin page, correct me if I'm wrong. There is an account section there, but I don't know what to insert. If it is still hard to understand what I'm saying (I'm no expert, nor intermediate with programming, so just assuming) I'm just asking how to add an account in the database.
  3. currypriest

    Melia quick setup

    Is there any solution for the padding issue yet? Also, is there a way of creating an account manually, that is, by modifying the database? If true, what is the internal code for a new account?