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  1. slyztercore

    Melia quick setup

    hello, i manage to get the game running and to login screen. but the thing is i wont connect and said invalid padding in login server CMD. can someone help me and tell me what is wrong. thanks in advance
  2. slyztercore

    White Screen

    thanks alot Carl16br...seriously you have my thanks really appreciate that :)...really want to try out this..this i why i love internet there always some good people to help Rokon, i read through other post also..thanks btw for the info. really appreciate that
  3. slyztercore

    White Screen

    dude...can i ask..how u even get it to work and open client? because when i open client always said cant load config file..:)
  4. slyztercore

    Can't load config files

    hello, i want to try this so bad. so right now i just need to wait new update for melia right to get pass the cant log the config file error
  5. slyztercore

    Cant load client

    hello, iam still new here and running server, i manage to running the server side but the thing is when i try to open client, i cannot load, i already change the ip to <GameOption ServerListURL="" StaticConfigURL="" but when i open client it doesnt load. i try to open using steam, but when it check 100% it automatic closed the TOS apps. any advice on how to fix this. and sorry for bad english @@ EDIT** : i check again and its my mistake i remove all original ip but only replace with this <GameOption ServerListURL="" StaticConfigURL="" another problem pop up saying cant load config file, but i check other thread and moderator say new client isnt compatible with current server file. ill wait for new server, thanks in advance for moderator for creating server simulator