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    Started up like a charm. Thanks for the quick turn around. I'll fiddle with it some later today. Thanks again!
  2. Seryll


    Well, its pretty long and I think it doesn't catch the whole log, but the lua51 error seems to be in this: http://pastebin.com/bBPKwtws
  3. Seryll


    Yeah, I tried this DLL as well and it still wouldn't budge. Tried removing and re-cloning the git with the 32bit dll same problem. Login and Web servers run fine, but still getting that "[Error] - Error on startup: DllNotFoundException, lua51" for the channel server
  4. Seryll


    While waiting for the client, I was moving my local server (Windows) to my linux server and seem to be getting a ""DllNotFoundException, lua51" when trying to run the ChannelServer. I am running Debian 32bit, not sure if that would be a problem with the build. Login and Web servers built and started up fine otherwise.