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    Issues with connecting to the server

    Hi Exec, Thank you so much for your quick and good answer. In fact i did forget to set the channel IP in system/db/servers.txt. Now everyone is able to connect, register, log in, select character, move around in the house (which i suppose is all handled on the login server?, but when they click on "enter the world" the screen goes black and after approx 3 seconds they're back at the login window. Any idea? Channel server not communicating properly because of ports? Would you be able to tell which ports are required to be opened for the server to function properly? I suppose it would be the 8080, 443, 3306? I see - thanks for the answer and the link, that's really interesting. I'd like to thank you and everyone who is working on this for creating such an opportunity for everyone . Best regards, Mindo
  2. Hello everyone, I'm trying to get Melia to work with a few friends. I'm hosting the server and the three bat files load fine without any issues as seen below: Now here's the problem: When we add my public IP to the client.xml, the game doesn't even start up , it just says "can't load config files" (This also happens for myself). Now if we use a vpn over hamachi and use my hamachi ip, I myself can register and log in just fine, however anyone from outside will be able to get into the login-screen but then get stuck at creating a new account with new//username & Password. They receive following error message: "can't connect to the server". I'm suspecting it might have to do something with ports or the likes, but i'm really not very experienced in networking and was wondering if anyone might have an idea as to why this is behaving like this? Also an additional question unrelated to the above issue: No matter how high my lvl is, the health and stats stay the same - is that an issue from my side or is it just like that for the moment, and if yes, is this something that will be added in the future? Best regards and thanks a lot for any help in advance, Mindo