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  1. Yeah its only happen sometime after i run a couple of time. Thanks for the answer, i'll wait for the update
  2. i got this problem when running in local server(nosteam). im using this GameOption in client.xml from the tutorial in this forum. <GameOption ServerListURL="" StaticConfigURL="" and launch zemyna with this command: Zemyna.exe host: port:2000 nosteam I dont know why this happen to me, maybe you know what cause this. This only happens occasionally. sorry for my bad English.
  3. Im successfuly login, in character selection when i press start game zemyna suddenly not responding and i cant enter to the channel. some time this problem happen to me, anyone know why? EDIT : Im running in local server.
  4. Yoshioka

    BadImageFormatException on channel start

    Thank you so much, its working now
  5. Yoshioka

    BadImageFormatException on channel start

    Yeah im using 32bit Windows. Does it matter?
  6. Yoshioka

    BadImageFormatException on channel start

    http://i.imgur.com/SVJuWqO.png?1 please take a look that screen shot. here is channel.log: 05/04/2016 17.29.03 [Info] - Initializing database... 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - Loading data... 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 6068 entries from items.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 65 entries from jobs.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 337 entries from maps.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 3338 entries from monsters.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 2 entries from servers.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 3 entries from barracks.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - Initializing world... 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 337 maps. 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Error] - Error on startup: BadImageFormatException, An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B) 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - Press Enter to exit.
  7. i want to ask, i get error message while starting channel, something like "error on startup: BadImageFormatException" anyone know what is the problem? web, and login status are ready, only channel have error after done loading 337 maps. can you help me exec? pls read my reply..