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  1. Yeah its only happen sometime after i run a couple of time. Thanks for the answer, i'll wait for the update
  2. i got this problem when running in local server(nosteam). im using this GameOption in client.xml from the tutorial in this forum. <GameOption ServerListURL="" StaticConfigURL="" and launch zemyna with this command: Zemyna.exe host: port:2000 nosteam I dont know why this happen to me, maybe you know what cause this. This only happens occasionally. sorry for my bad English.
  3. Im successfuly login, in character selection when i press start game zemyna suddenly not responding and i cant enter to the channel. some time this problem happen to me, anyone know why? EDIT : Im running in local server.
  4. Thank you so much, its working now
  5. Yeah im using 32bit Windows. Does it matter?
  6. http://i.imgur.com/SVJuWqO.png?1 please take a look that screen shot. here is channel.log: 05/04/2016 17.29.03 [Info] - Initializing database... 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - Loading data... 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 6068 entries from items.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 65 entries from jobs.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 337 entries from maps.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 3338 entries from monsters.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 2 entries from servers.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 3 entries from barracks.txt 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - Initializing world... 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - done loading 337 maps. 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Error] - Error on startup: BadImageFormatException, An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B) 05/04/2016 17.29.05 [Info] - Press Enter to exit.
  7. i want to ask, i get error message while starting channel, something like "error on startup: BadImageFormatException" anyone know what is the problem? web, and login status are ready, only channel have error after done loading 337 maps. can you help me exec? pls read my reply..
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