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  1. Nothing is coming to mind right now. I'll tell once I have some new things to discuss. :­)
  2. Oh yea, I completely forgot that detail. Then I will check those later. I asked that because the stats are repeating for each job on job data.
  3. Different classes have different initial stats like HP, SP, Phy Atk, Magic Atk, etc, on level 1. So I would create a stats database to save those different stats of each class. Swordsman example: { jobId: 1001, str: 8, con: 9, int: 3, spr: 3, dex: 6, hp: 980, maxHp: 980, sp: 57, maxSp: 57, maxStamina: 25000, hpRecovery: 15, spRecovery: 6, minPhysicalAttack: 9, maxPhysicalAttack: 9, minSecondaryPhysicalAttack: 9, maxSecondaryPhysicalAttack: 9, minMagicAttack: 6, maxMagicAttack: 6, aoeAttackRatio: 4, accuracy: 8, blockPenetration: 3, criticalAttack: 8, criticalRate: 9, physicalDefense: 3, magicDefense: 3, aoeDefenseRatio: 1, evasion: 7, criticalResistance: 10, movimentSpeed: 30, maxCarryWeight: 5185 }, PS: In the screenshot, these are not the true stats, because I completed some collections. I would have to use an account that has no collections completed and is not using a token to get the real numbers.
  4. About the stats, should them be moved to a StatsDb? [Serializable] public class StatData { public int Id { get; set; } public int Str { get; set; } public int Con { get; set; } public int Int { get; set; } public int Spr { get; set; } public int Dex { get; set; } } /// <summary> /// Stat database, indexed by job id. /// </summary> public class StatDb : DatabaseJsonIndexed<int, StatData> { public StatData Find(Job job) { return this.Find((int)job); } protected override void ReadEntry(JObject entry) { entry.AssertNotMissing("jobId", "str", "con", "int", "spr", "dex"); var info = new StatData(); info.Id = entry.ReadInt("jobId"); info.Str = entry.ReadInt("str"); info.Con = entry.ReadInt("con"); info.Int = entry.ReadInt("int"); info.Spr = entry.ReadInt("spr"); info.Dex = entry.ReadInt("dex"); this.Entries[info.Id] = info; } }
  5. Does the JobData really needs stats and start map attributes? Custom settings? I was thinking in moving the StartMap, StartX, StartY, StartZ to a conf or a db file, instead of the job db file, so I could set a start map for Klaipeda and Orsha on Character Creation. However I would like your opinion if I should do it and, If I should, which one should be used.
  6. Why load data like items, jobs, maps, etc? I thought in changing the DataToLoad.All to DataToLoad.Servers on LoadData() in LoginServer.cs
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