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Found 1 result

  1. While adding the fomor scroll hunting quests, I've noticed a few unused fomor scrolls, which give us options for custom content, either by implementing the quests they were intended for, and their monsters, or by replacing them for custom ones. Namely, the unused ones are: 71014: Gray Dire Wolf Fomor Scroll 71020: Giant Spider Fomor Scroll 71024: White Fox Fomor Scroll 71027: Black Bear Fomor Scroll 71033: Giant Rat Fomor Scroll 71036: Golem Fomor Scroll 71046: Black City Rat Fomor Scroll 71048: Boar Fomor Scroll 71053: Giant Worm Fomor Scroll 71054: Gargoyle Fomor Scroll 71071: Dungeon Rat Fomor Scroll Some are monsters I didn't know yet, and 2 are bosses, which I find really intriguing. I also wonder why they didn't add Giant Worm and Gargoyles. Especially Gargoyles are monsters you encounter very frequently in early generations after all.
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