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Found 1 result

  1. The attached file contains all field spawns up to G3, as ready to use function calls. They are based on the group data from the region/area files. However, last time someone worked on these, we discovered that some area definitions don't seem to be 100% correct, and that some spawns shouldn't exist (anymore?). I don't know if there are missing ones as well, but this file should still help whoever decides to add those spawners. Every spawn has to be checked though. If someone decides to tackle this to make a pull request, please put the spawners in appropriate region scripts, and comment them, so you can see where they are. Just take the existing ones as an example. Like in regions/tir.cs: // Graveyard CreateSpawner(race: 30014, amount: 22, region: 1, coordinates: A(18595,40025, 15904,44605, 21371,47817, 24062,43237)); // White Spider CreateSpawner(race: 30003, amount: 1, region: 1, coordinates: A(18595,40025, 15904,44605, 21371,47817, 24062,43237)); // Red Spider We should probably also use a dummy AI for the monsters added in this way, if they don't have one already. (You can find the available AIs in scripts/ai/.) Otherwise they'd just be standing around. The "wander" AI for example would at least make them walk around. spawns.txt
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