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Found 1 result

  1. File structure Collection - Monster Collection book, Achievements and other stuff.. Events - Logged Events Homestead - Homestead Specific Logs, Will be merged with systems folder. Items - All item logs. Npcs - NPC logs, Interactions between NPC and Players. Pets - Dunno? Duplicate? only thing it contains is stress values for partners.. it will likely be merged with Systems folder. Quests - Everything here should be quests there all sorted by Generation or City + Part time Job Name. Regions - Packets that are in specific regions such as Moon gates, Mana Tunnels, Land Marks, Marriage. Skills - Contains 90% of the skills in the game, there are few missing but I'm working on logging them! Systems - Contains game system packets, such as Commencing. Knockback, Character Creation. Packet naming Format System or Skill name, Version Example -208.txt How to view the packets Please download MabiPale 2 and open the packet with that program, use windows search inside the Packet Archive if your looking for something if there are any packets you want me to improve, Please reply with the Packet name and I will relog it when I have time. Recent changes (December 28th, 2015) Wind Guard Data Stomp Data Combined Packets.zip Combined Packets.zip
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