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Mabioned - 2D Region Editor


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Mabioned is an editor for Mabinogi's Region (.rgn) and Area (.area) file formats. It allows you to change any part of the files in a clean interface, while providing some quality-of-life features, like moving and rotating entities with the mouse on a map.

For the moment Mabioned renders the region only as a 2D map. This works very well to get an overview and move entities, but there are limits. Modifying the terrain for example is possible, but needs to be done by modifying the respective objects' properties by hand.

For more information about the program and the game's files that this editor modifies refer to the files in the Documentation folder on GitHub. Binary templates for the file formats can be found in the repository as well. If you encounter any bugs or errors, please create an issue so they can be fixed.

If you'd like to help with the development or have suggestions on how to improve the program I'd be happy to review your contributions, simply create an issue for each one.

GitHub: https://github.com/exectails/Mabioned
Download: https://github.com/exectails/Mabioned/releases

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Update v0.8.0a (minor version numbering change)

  • Added filtering/removing similar props by id or class name
  • Added settings option to enable multiple instances of Mabioned
  • Improved copy+paste to work across instances and sessions

You can download it on the GitHub Release page.

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