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Hi there, it's me again,

this time i want to create a custom dungeon for fun. For safe, i just copied Ciar Mid-4 and modify nothing but name.

after that, i drop the pass and get into the new dungeon, but i found almost everythings are mess, cannot touch godness, door covered by wall, no upstairs and downstairs (usually i can see it, but cannot touch)...


so... is there something i was not done yet? how can i understand the parameters such as 'style', 'baseseed' in system/db/dungeons.txt?

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Starting with a simple copy is a good idea. Did you copy the dungeon in the client's XML data as well? Dungeons are generated separately on both client and server, based on seeds and other numbers, so both need to have the same, exact data.

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Thank you for quick reply, I find the dungeon data in official server program, and I retype it in aura's format.

And there's a new extend question...

How can I make the dungeon monster equips title? Like Boss, Tank, etc.

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We have Ciar Mid 4, so why did you have to get anything from the official server files? o.o Go into Aura's dungeons.txt and duplicate the Ciar Mid 4 data with a different name, then go into the client's dungeon2.xml and do the same there. Afterwards the dungeon should work as expected I believe.

1 hour ago, Cid said:

How can I make the dungeon monster equips title?

There's no built in way to do that right now. I guess the way it would work is that you access the monsters that were spawned in the PuzzleScript.OnMobAllocated callback, which is called whenever a wave of monsters is spawned in a room. However, the list of monsters is private, so you'd either have to add a getter method to to the MonsterGroup class, or use reflection.

An alternative hack might be to edit the race's AI, to change the monster's title if it's inside your custom dungeon. The actual changing works just like on players,

creature.Titles.ChangeTitle(titleId, false);


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