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Monsters can hear you! (Repost)


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Originally posted on the old forum by Sairii, on 13 May 2015.


Monsters can hear you!

... or something like that.

While looking through some AI's I've noticed the following options:

"visualfield_radius" default="650"
"audio_range" default="400"

sensor visualfield_radius="%visualfield_radius" visualfield_angle="120" audio_range="%audio_range"

So basically this would mean that the monsters have 2 different aggro ranges.
I suspected this, tested this and pretty much confirmed it:


Top: faces to the left side
Mid: faces to the left side
Bot: faces to the right side

So it has a 120° cone infront of it with 650 range detection and 400 everywhere else.

Also the 650 range detection went into "doubt".
While the 400 range detection went into "doubt" and IMMEDIATLY after that into "hate". Not even a second delay.


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My old thread! ^__^

Also I might have to test the "audio range goes into hate faster" again.

Seeing how hate usually gets built over time.


On the other hand I do know that the hate time is kinda wierd sometimes... like the kobold bandit that I had doubting me for more than 30 seconds.

Maybe the range IS a factor for hate? I do remember running away from that kobold all the time...

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Your theory about them going into aggro faster if you're in hearing range seems weird to me. What I was actually thinking about was whether they might aggro faster if they see you. Aside from the logical standpoint, there are AIs that have much better hearing than eyesight, like bats. For those the visuals would be completely pointless if both were equivalent, or if hearing would have a higher "priority".

But some difference between them would certainly make sense, and it might explain some weird aggro behaviors, where sometimes they don't aggro immediately, but seem to wait around for a while. Maybe they aggro faster if they can both see and hear you?

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